Thursday, April 12, 2012

Personal Style

I don't like the word "trendy".  I don't particularly like the word "fashionable".  I think what we should all strive for is style.  Our personal, not-anyone-else-but-my-own, style. 

It doesn't have to be outlandishly unique.  It doesn't mean we ignore the times and the trends.  But it does mean that we don't completely change the way we look every couple seasons, just for the sake of change.  It does mean that we're honest with ourselves about who we are.  And it does mean we recognize that, over time, our style becomes a reflection of who we are.

Let fly your colors.

(But not like this.)


  1. I like what you've said here. Instead of just going out there and copying other people's streetstyles and catalog fashions, rather put together a look that is 'you', and that has a little piece of your individuality in it . Then you really stand out.